Alert for: SPA 101.01 and SPA 101.02

The site has been servicing their site.  This has made it impossible for me to input assignments on the site.  YOU, on the other hand, can access the site and work on it with no problem.

Not all assignments for SPA 101.01 for Monday, October 18, are visible.  This is what you can see:

Assignment for Monday, 19.18.10

I am sending you this alert to provide you with the work due for Monday:

In addition to what IS visible on the Quia site, please do Workbook activities for chapter 3: #1-3.

Assignments for SPA 101.02 for Tuesday are not posted, at all. For Tuesday:

1)  Study and learn: Vocabulario útil 1-3.  Make sure you know the vocabulary before you try doing the workbook activities.  Once you are confident you know the vocabulary, try to produce answers (in your book) for the textbook activities that correspond to them.

2)  Do Workbook activities for chapter 3: #1-6.

3) BATs (“Be Able To’s”):  Come to class able to:

a) Talk about your class schedule and ask friends about theirs using the vocabulary for all the different kinds of courses people take in college.

b) Talk about where on campus you do various things using the vocabulary of places on campus.

c) Ask for and give the time of day (and night!)

d) Tell people on what date you do particular activities and ask them when they do them.

Hasta lunes o martes…
Profe  😎

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