Spanish Language Toybox

The Spanish Language Toybox is an archive of PowerPoint learning resources that will help you understand points of grammar and vocabulary and then to practice them.  You will be able to find Profe’s notes for each chapter of our textbook, Nexos, as well as PowerPoint learning games created by our own students of Spanish.  Our students  began authoring PowerPoint learning games in 2009.  Since then, we have been collecting PowerPoints, here, that you may download to your own computer or use on this Wikiblog. Over time, with students creating new games all the time, the Toybox will be a virtual library of Spanish learning resources.


Click on the link, below, to access the Toybox.  Browse the titles.  When you come to a title that looks useful, click on it.  If you need help understanding how to use these resources, post a comment on this page, and Profe will respond to your question.

Spanish Learning Toybox ~ Archive of Learning Resources


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