BCC’s Core Competencies Policy ~ Which Competencies Can I Earn for Spanish Classes at BCC?

    • You are entitled to earn up to two competencies for a single course.
• You may not earn more than one competency for any given assignment.
• The Global and Community Awareness Core Competency is “embedded” in Spanish language courses. This means that           students who earn a “C” or better in SPA 101 (or 102, 201, 202) automatically earn this competency.
• In order to earn the Technological Literacy Core Competence, students must complete their Spanish Blog according to           the checklist of required elements and consistently and appropriately use the online calendar and online assignments,      OR they must confer with their instructor to design an alternate assignment.
• Students who wish to earn the Technological Literacy Core Competency must let their instructor know. Then, she will           submit the necessary paperwork to the Registrar’s Office.
• If you are planning to graduate at the end of the semester during which you are taking this course, look carefully at your       “Degree Audit” to see which competencies you still need to complete in advance of graduation.
• If you are missing competencies that you need for graduation, talk to me in the first two weeks of the semester, so we can see together if we can devise an assignment to enable you to earn the competency you need in time for your graduation. If you need to earn a competency in Oral Communication, for example, we may agree on an oral presentation you may have taped (with the help of BCC’s Media Department) for your Core Competency Portfolio. (It is highly unlikely that I will be able to grant you any of the “Group 2” competencies (Scientific Knowledge and Reasoning (CC-SK) or Quantitative Reasoning/Logic (CC-QR) without the assistance of faculty from Math or Sciences in devising alternate assignments for these competencies.
• For more specific information, refer to the pages from the BCC College Catalog, pp. 21-22, or consult with your instructor.

Download the following information on Core Competencies: >>>Click Here to download the information you see, below, on Core Competencies BCC’s Spanish Students Can Earn.

BCC-Core Competencies Requirement, BCC 2012 Catalog, p. 21

BCC-Core Competencies Portfolio Items, BCC Catalog p. 22

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