Spanish in the Workplace for Law Enforcement ~ “Testing Out” Policy ~ SPA 131-133

Testing Out Policy for SPA 131-3, updated 9.21.11

a) A student who has demonstrated native or near-native fluency such that he/she can handle any situation on the job in Spanish with no problem will receive the 4% raise and not be required to take continuing Spanish classes (SPA 134, 135, 136) every other year to retain the 4% raise;

b) A student who has had little or no prior Spanish language training, but who nevertheless prepares on his/her own and passes written and oral testing will qualify for the 4% raise. Such a student will be required to undertake the every other year refresher course with his/her cohort.

c) A student who fails language testing may request a retest every year.

d) A student who arranges an appointment for testing and who fails to show up for the exam without alerting the instructor in advance will be considered to have failed the exam. S/he may request a language test the following year.

To this “Testing Out” Policy, we add:

If a student has had some prior Spanish training and has missed the initial SPA 131 course in the cycle, s/he may request that the instructor provide materials to master while taking SPA 132. (The same policy might be adopted for students wishing to enter SPA 133.) The instructor will interview the student to determine his/her likelihood of succeeding in the course before making a determination. The instructor has the right to accept or to refuse any student’s request to enter a class for which s/he has not completed the course prerequisite.

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    • ¡Qué buena situación! Ud. quiere aprender el español y yo quiero enseñarlo… Vamos a aprender un *MONTÓN* de español, muy rápido… 😀

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