SPA Caja de juguetes (Toybox) ~ Capítulo 5

Here is the wonderful presentation on reflexive verbs authored by Patrick Meunier:

April Tarbox’s latest PowerPoint creation to help you learn is on the vocabulary for the family (capítulo 5 ~ vocabulario útil 1). I think the vocabulary for in-laws and step-parents is particularly challenging! This is a very strong tool to help you get it all straight.

Click on this link to download this PowerPoint >>La Familia ~ Capítulo 5 ~ Vocabulario útil


Tammy Beet created this PowerPoint to help you learn the vocabulary of chapter 5. It is gorgeous! It is fun! It is effective!

And, yet, ANOTHER awesome presentation by Patrick “Maximiliano” Meunier to help you study for the final exam and put in a BRILLIANT performance on that test!

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