Suggestions for Bringing more *SPANISH* into You Life to Help you Learn F A S T E R!

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Taking Responsibility…Making Learning Spanish an Authentic Part of your Life :

All humans under normal conditions acquire one or more languages, but it is not possible to acquire Spanish in 75 to 150 hours of in-class instruction.  The more time you spend outside of class practicing the language and learning about and appreciating the cultures of Spanish-speaking cultures, the faster you will learn.  The more time and concentration you put into your learning, the more you will get out of it.  It’s as simple as that! 

Naturally, you will complete all assignments on time  😀: Beyond this, we recommend that you:

Take every opportunity to use your new skills in Spanish outside the classroom!

Remember: Culture is NOT something you learn separately from the language.  Language conveys culture and culture conveys language.  So, you will learn to speak most effectively when you:

Maria Middleton and Elizabeth Skakel’s “Pasaportes”-Fall 2011

•Get into a study group and practice what you’re learning with your classmates – and with your friends and acquaintances outside the class who can speak Spanish.

Hang out in FRED (our Language Lab) with your classmates;

Blog in Spanish;

Write notes and lists to yourself in Spanish;

Read bilingual product labels and instructions.

Make PowerPoint presentations that help you learn vocabulary and grammar to share with classmates.

Attend Spanish Table in the Cafeteria each month (and bring English and Spanish-speaking friends to come with you!  Spanish Table meets this fall Wednesdays and Thursdays from noon until 1:30pm on these dates:

September 19-20

October 17-18

November 14-15

December 5-6

Get to know newcomers in your community from Spanish-speaking countries, cultivate friendships with them; and speak to them in Spanish;

Speak a little Spanish with Spanish-speakers you meet at work;

Ask new Spanish-speaking friends about their native countries, about what differences they notice between their home countries and the Berkshires;

Read Spanish-language magazines or stories; note how the content resembles that of magazines you normally read and how they differ.  When you read them online, use an online platform like that has an bilingual dictionary embedded on each page of your magazine to help you read way above your actual level of Spanish.

Check out the soap operas in Spanish on Univisión.  They are wild, they are exaggerated, they are a little ridiculous, but they are loads of fun!  Watching Spanish language soaps is a great way to recognize the language you’re learning, to train your ear, and to learn new words.

Watch Spanish-language movies (many titles are available at your local video rental store and on Netflix).

Enjoy Latin American and Spanish culture:

•Learn to dance the salsa and other dances from Latin America and/or Spain;

•Check out recipes from Spanish-speaking countries and learn to cook them…!

•Above all, make your extra activities fun and incorporate them into your daily life.


Your instructor can open the door to Hispanic language and culture, but only you can enter.  Make Spanish an authentic part of your life!

Always ask for my help if you need it;

•Try very hard not allow yourself to fall behind, and if you do, let your instructor know, and ask for help!

Don’t wait until you feel completely lost, frustrated, helplessly behind in your work to ask for help!

•Ask your instructor to help you arrange for a Spanish tutor if you need more help;

•Use the answer keys on the Spanish Language Blog and the corrections provided to you automatically in your iLrn activities to analyze your errors;




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