SPA 201 ~ Blogs de nuestros estudiantes ~ Fall 2011

SPA 201 students maintain blogs with written work they produce in the voice of their Hispanic alter egos.  They embed Voicethreads with their performance (and those of their classmates) on speaking tasks they must master, along with playlists of their favorite Latino music.  Over the course of one semester or two, we can appreciate the progress they make in their writing and speaking and we can see the awakening of authentic curiosity about Spanish-speaking countries they adopt and that they learn about.

El blog de Esperanza:


El blog de Pedro:


El blog de Ana María:


El blog de JJ:


El blog de Ana Teresa:


El blog de Alejandra:


Blog de Leandra:


Click on this link to download a copy of the checklist of all your blog components, required and optional!

Click on ME to download a copy of the Blog Checklist for 201!



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