SPA Caja de juguetes (Toybox) ~ Capítulo 2

Presentaciones para el capítulo 2:

Anna Maffett (with a little help from Alex Muñoz!) created this useful presentation to help you learn the vocabulary for activities you enjoy doing. All the verbs are -AR verbs. Alex created sound files to help you with the pronunciation of all the vocabulary. (Click on the loudspeaker icon to hear Alex’s pronunciation of the vocabulary!)

Click on this link to download the presentation: >>> ¿Qué te gusta hacer? Actividades que te gustan… (-AR verbs)


Louis Crivellaro designed this presentation to help you practice and learn the vocabulary of activities you like to do. These activities are all -AR verbs.

Greg Alexander came up with a terrific presentation to help you master all the forms of -AR verbs in the present indicative tense. Use them like flashcards to drill them. I bet it won’t take more than five minutes to learn each verb! ¡Vaya! Go for it! 😎

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