SPA Caja de juguetes ~ (Toybox) ~ Capítulo 4

Here are all the presentations available for Capítulo 4 !!

Here is the PowerPoint presentation we used in class while studying chapter four. Use it to help you prepare for the chapter test!

You can also download it, below:

Click on ME to download Profe’s PowerPoint for Chapter Four!


Use this presentation to study and learn stem-change verbs.  First, take notes on the slides.  Then, use them as flashcards to help you anchor these forms in your brain!  🙂

Maria Middleton designed this review of the grammar of chapter 4: Verbs like GUSTAR, ESTAR, Spell-change verbs, Adverbs.  USE IT!  It will help you learn!

Click ME to download this presentation for chapter 4 grammar review!

April Tarbox has designed three excellent presentations: two on the vocabulary of the Internet, one colors. You will find them very helpful as you prepare for your chapter four test!

Click on ME to download April Tarbox’s Internet/Technology Presentation!

Here is April Tarbox’s terrific second presentation on Computadoras…

Click on ME to download April Tarbox’s Second presentation on Computadoras!

Here is April Tarbox’s presentation to help you learn colors:

Click on ME to download April Tarbox’s presentation on Colores!

Tamara Beet has created a wonderful PowerPoint presentation to help you learn vocabulary for emotions, technology and functions of the Internet.

Click on ME to download: Vocabulario del capítulo 4 ~ Tamara BeetTarbox-Ch4-Vocab

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