Spanish 101 – Introductory Spanish I – Fall 2016

¡Hola! ¡Bienvenidos a la página de SPA 101!

…Just in case you were wondering what YOU can expect to get out of this course, we made a list for you…

What can Spanish 101 do for me, the student? This course can give me:

  1. The ability to understand basic Spanish and respond appropriately so that I can begin to establish relationships with Spanish speakers on campus and in the community;
  2. Communication skills in Spanish that my employers will appreciate and come to rely on;
  3. Items I can include in my job-seeking portfolio that demonstrate my work ethic and the quality and creativity of my work: written and spoken samples of my work in Spanish that I post to my own Spanish blog.
  4. Life-long learning and study skills I can use for the rest of my academic and professional careers to help me earn good grades, get jobs that I love, and continue to grow intellectually.
  5. Opportunities for developing leadership and interpersonal skills in a team environment, skills that employers seek in the best job candidates;
  6. Practical experience with computer-based technologies, essential for me to compete in today’s job market;
  7. Problem-solving and critical thinking abilities that employers consider among the most important skills in the workplace;
  8. How to understand my own culture and those of others.  Given the increasing numbers of immigrants to the Berkshires (Spanish-speaking and others), this kind of understanding, essential for developing tolerance and cooperation, is sought after by employers, for it is critical for a harmonious and productive workplace and for building and strengthening community.

Will all these benefits come to me just by signing up?

YOU know the answer to that one!

You have to come to class prepared!  Do the homework listed for you on and make certain you do not allow yourself to fall behind.  Let Profe know if you have any questions… And, if you need extra help, come to office hours and/or let Profe know you’d like to sign up for a tutor.  Check out that list, again.  Wouldn’t you say the benefits you can achieve are worth the effort?

Profe’s office hours:

Monday, Wednesday: 12:55pm – 1:55pm;

Tuesday, Thursday: 10:40am – 11:40am

…and by appointment.

Contact: ~ Melville 238

Call me at: 774.PROFE04 (…that’s “zero-four”)


>>>Click here to download the syllabus for SPA 101-Fall 2015

(Check your downloads folder after you click!)

You may purchase your textbook at the BCC Bookstore.  The bundle (textbook plus online access to the Internet resources that are required for the course) sold on campus is cheaper than the publisher’s online price.  Further, the Bookstore will beat any online price for the same version of the text if you present printed information from any site that sells a cheaper version.

See p. 1 of the syllabus for information on Cuadros, Vol 1, our textbook for SPA 101 as well as information on how to create your online iLrn account.  ILrn is the textbook online site that has your Assignment Calendar and homework activities that correspond to your textbook (or, scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions).

Now, click on this link to go to the Cuadros iLrn site…and GET STARTED!

Once you have created your iLrn account and input your electronic “book key,” you will have access to your Cuadros Workstation that includes your Assignment Calendar (a listing of all the homework activities with their due dates).  The “course code” for SPA 101 — the code everyone in SPA 101 must use to gain access to the online material is: NOTE:  The COURSE CODE (the code all the students in SPA 101 uses to participate in the course)  is:  ETHEK983.

You will also find video grammar tutorials, flashcards, PowerPoint presentations that explain grammar, and audio and video to help you improve your listening and comprehension skills. Once you have logged in for the first time, you will be able to gain access to your own account whenever you wish.

On THESE BCC’s Language Program Pages, you will find instructor- and student-produced PowerPoints to help you learn, as well as announcements for your class. We hope you will try your hand at producing your own PowerPoint presentations to help your classmates learn, too! (You’ll earn big bonus points for posting presentations and learning tools to this page, as well!)


For this reason, we request that you NOT PRINT OUT syllabi and other materials you find on this site while you are ON CAMPUS !!

Please consult the information you need online.

Links and Resources:

1. For instructions on how to change the settings on your PC so you can type Spanish language accents, click here: Accents on PC

See this link for instructions on adding “English International” to your PC with Windows 8:

2. Here is a terrific site that will enable you to HEAR the pronunciation of each Spanish letter:

Click here to access: Spanish Alphabet ~ Pronunciation for Each Letter!

3. Here is a good site that provides not just the pronunciation of each letter, but of the different pronunciations of letters as they appear in different words with different combinations of letters:

Pronunciation of Spanish letters in Spanish Words

4. Click below for a very sweet video for an alphabet song in Spanish:

Spanish Alphabet Song

5. Here is a site with funny, but helpful advice on how to learn to roll your “r”s so you can pronounce the “rr” sound in Spanish:

How to Pronounce the \”rr\” Sound in Spanish

Six Easy Ways to Roll Your R in Spanish

A Spanish Student Shows How She Learned to Trill her R in Spanish on YouTube

7.  Click below to find a PowerPoint presentation to help you learn your numbers in Spanish.

Timed PowerPoint for Learning Spanish Numbers

6.  Click on these links to get inspired and find the Spanish-language name that suits your Hispanic alter ego.

Just in case you need it, here is the Moodle Login page:



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