SPA 101 ~ Blogs de nuestros estudiantes ~ Fall 2011

SPA 101 students maintain blogs with written work they produce in the voice of their Hispanic alter egos.  They post images of Spanish-speaking countries they “adopt,” including maps, cultural sites and places of natural beauty.  They embed Voicethread recordings and videos of their performance (and those of their classmates) on speaking tasks they must master.  The post  playlists of their favorite Latino music.

The learning curve of SPA 101 students is immensely steep, as most of our students embark on their language learning with little or no experience learning a language.  For this reason, over the course of even one semester, we take notice of the immense progress they make in their writing and speaking.  Students start by using the most basic structures and vocabulary. They speak with hesitation and have little fluency.  By the end of even the first semester, students display much more sophisticated and confident expression.  If students’ speaking performance is as strong as it is by the end of the first semester, just imagine how much stronger (and impressive!) their work is by the end of their fourth semester of language study!!

When you read these students’ blogs, explore between their lines and you will notice the spark of their awakening curiosity about the Spanish-speaking countries they have adopted.  It is a thing of beauty…

So, READ (lee), ENJOY (disfruta) and LEARN (aprende) !!  🙂


See the links, below.  Return to this page, frequently, as students are posting frequently to their blogs…


SPA 101.01 Student Blogs:

Buena Evita ~ Panamá:

Hernándo Gabriel Luiz Gómez ~ Colombia:

Javier Vidal Medellín LópezPerú

Antonio Ernesto Iglesias Perales~ España:

José Javier Serrano López ~ La República Dominicana:

Amaya Ysabel López García ~ Chile:

Lorenzo Rafael Castillo Costanza ~ Cuba:

Perla Rosalina Pina Bendarez ~Ecuador:

Adela Magdalena Pérez López ~ Costa Rica:

Gilberto Félix López Soto ~ México:

Alejandro Santiago Sebastián Gómez ~ Argentina:

Juan Félix Germán Zavala ~El Salvador:

Adriana Esperanza Reyes Vega ~ Puerto Rico:

Maximiliano Gabriel Márquez Díaz ~ Guatemala:

Olivia Rosario Fernández García ~Bolivia:

Clorinda Amara Aguilar Lozana ~Venezuela:


SPA 101.02 Student Blogs:

Héctor Luís García Martín ~ Honduras:

Jaime Fernando Pérez Rosa ~ Argentina:

Victoria Caterina Silva Acosta ~ Puerto Rico:

Gabriel Daniel Santiago Ríos ~ La Guinea Ecuatorial:

Hugo Fernando Rodriguez Carlos ~ Venezuela: (No posts as of Sunday, 11.20.11, 6pm)

Roberto Adrián Gómez Espinoza ~ Ecuador:

Diego Isidore Noriega Batista ~ Chile:

Margareta Sofía Vergara Silva ~ México:

Luna Esperanza Isadora Guadalupe ~ Cuba :

Pilar Eliana López Santiago ~ Costa Rica:

Javier Alberto Demitrio Cortés ~ Colombia :

Alberto Francisco Gonzales Peña ~ Perú:


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