SPA 101 ~ Videos

Thanks to Spanish Tactical Videos, created by COERLL, Liberal Arts, at the University of Texas, Austin, we have access to all the open source videos from their site.

We have created activities and exercises to help our Spanish students hear and comprehend Spanish spoken by native speakers from all over Latin America. We hope these videos and the activities that accompany them, will help our students understand native Spanish speakers in their communities and on campus, so they can create and sustain relationships that will enrich their lives and the life of the whole community.

Click on these links (or navigate to individual tabs in the menu, above) to listen to and work with these videos.

Los días de la semana: Simplified version

Los días de la semana: Ana, Guatemala

Los días de la semana: Silvia, Colombia

Los días de la semana: Irma, México, Monterrey

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