SPA 101 ~ Blogs: Instructions and Content ~ F’13



In order to be certain you have posted all the required elements on your blog, you’ll want to download the first document, below, “Required and Optional Blog Elements.”  If you’d like to jazz up your blog with interesting elements, but aren’t sure what kind of items to include,  you’ll find some ideas on that first document, as well. For some insight on how your blog will be evaluated, consult the second document.  Click on the links below to download two documents:  

>>>Click on ME to download the required and optional elements for your blog! SPA 101-F’13

>>>How Your Blog is Graded: Content Checklist

Here is a presentation that explains how to set up a blogger account. Once you’ve done this, start uploading your own videos, information you discover about your adopted country you wish to share, you Voicethread scripts and any other written work you do this semester. You can even set up tabs to help organize your material.

BEFORE YOU CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT, read the instructions, below.

Blogger will ask you to create a new gmail account. Do this, even if you already have a gmail account. Use your hispanic name in your email account.


NEXT, name your blog. Use your hispanic name in the title.

Example: La Vida de María Ana Martínez Aguilar

NEXT, create a PASSWORD: Make your password the same as your BCC student ID number.  ” Example: Password: s01234567.

WHY do I want you to have this password? To enable me to go into your blog and make corrections in your writing and/or troubleshoot for you in response to a request to do so.

OK! Now you’re ready! GO DO IT! This will be the beginning of your blog!

If you’re tech savvy, this should be easy. If not, I’ll get you help… You can always ask Sierra.

Once you have your blog, you may start uploading:

  • Latino music you are discovering
  • Videos you find on your country
  • Written work you do describing who your Spanish-speaking alter ego is
  • Scripts you write in preparation for taping your Voicethreads.


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