SPA ~ 202 Blogs de nuestros estudiantes ~ S’12

SPA 202 students continue adding to blogs they started working on in their SPA 201 classes, this past fall.  The Hispanic alter egos they invented in the fall (or even earlier) have deepened and become more complex, more interesting as their language abilities have grown. These students are thinking and speaking and writing about the world they inhabit and the issues that concern them — from their digitalizing world and communication online, to the environment, to politics.  Each has developed perspectives that are at once specific to the countries they have adopted and global.  We hope that the sensitivity to issues in each of these domains our students have developed has carried over from their virtual Segunda vida lives to their own.

Students create videos, PowerPoints and playlists of their favorite music.  They embed Voicethreads with their performance (and those of their classmates) on speaking tasks they must master, as well.  Each student blog serves as an electronic portfolio of their progress over the course of from one semester to four semesters.  It is thrilling to see the progress our students make in their writing and speaking.  Best of all, we can see the awakening of authentic curiosity about Spanish-speaking countries they adopt and that they learn about.

The links below take you to a few of our students’ blogs:

El blog de Esperanza:


El blog de Pedro:


El blog de Ana María:


El blog de Ana Teresa:




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