Domestic Violence

The common occurance of woman being beaten in India is astounding. It seems like a common way of life for many of the women in India and the way their societies are allows it. It is an eye opener to see that almost one quarter of women are being beaten and that is only the wives that are admitting it. Alcohol is considered a large reason for the beatings but that seems to just be one way for a husband blame the beatings on something other tahn themselves. Abuse is a standard of living with the children being reprimanded by getting hit by their parents. They will grow up to do the same to their children and wives. The wives in Japan are experiencing violence also and on larger scales, a larger percentage of Japanese wives are beaten than Indian. This doesn’t subside when the woman try to get out of this situation. It can lead to worse beatings and some are beaten to death. I watched the movie “Yesterday” and the woman was getting beat by her husband and an officer saw it happening and looked the other way. This situation is very common in Africa and is looked at as normal. In vietnam domestic violence is against the law and is taken very seriously. I suppose it depends on your culture whether things can change or they will just carry on the way they are. Its too bad people can’t feel safe in their own homes. A governmant in some cases just needs to step in and “police” domestic violence.

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