Population Growth

Great topic, i found the fact that population growth is fueled more by the reduction in death rates rather then the changes in birth rates. We have not even reached the upper limit of the average human life expectancy.  The population will only increase faster even with the life expectancy staying where it is at now.   Reading about the ZPG would only effect the population if it limited females to 2 kids for multiple generations shows how fast the population is expanding and what it would really take to just stabalize it.  I don’t see an off earth migration happening any time in our future, but that is my opinion.   We should focus on saving and sustaining our planet before we go and take over another.  Smail makes a great argument about this population growth topic.

Domestic Violence

The common occurance of woman being beaten in India is astounding. It seems like a common way of life for many of the women in India and the way their societies are allows it. It is an eye opener to see that almost one quarter of women are being beaten and that is only the wives that are admitting it. Alcohol is considered a large reason for the beatings but that seems to just be one way for a husband blame the beatings on something other tahn themselves. Abuse is a standard of living with the children being reprimanded by getting hit by their parents. They will grow up to do the same to their children and wives. The wives in Japan are experiencing violence also and on larger scales, a larger percentage of Japanese wives are beaten than Indian. This doesn’t subside when the woman try to get out of this situation. It can lead to worse beatings and some are beaten to death. I watched the movie “Yesterday” and the woman was getting beat by her husband and an officer saw it happening and looked the other way. This situation is very common in Africa and is looked at as normal. In vietnam domestic violence is against the law and is taken very seriously. I suppose it depends on your culture whether things can change or they will just carry on the way they are. Its too bad people can’t feel safe in their own homes. A governmant in some cases just needs to step in and “police” domestic violence.

“Prostitution” A world wide business

Melissa Farley disagrees that prostitution is a free choice, her report about women in Vancouver showed that 63% of the women prostitutes they interviewed were abused as children. Many of the articles in this chapter talk about women having little to no choice growing up as to what they will do. The trafficking of women starts when they are children forcing them to become something of ownership, they do not get an education and when they are older they have little choise on another occupation. I think most prostitutes were raised in a manner of abuse, from what i read in this chapter you could make this connection all over the globe.

Prostitution reflects the intersection of race, sex and class oppression by where prostitution is popular. Cities that are of a lower class seem to have more prostitution than an upper class city, making prostitution for some people the only meens of making a living. “For example, in Minneapolis, a city that is 96% White European American, more than half the women in strip club prostitution are women of color.” Seeing Ourselves.

The legalization of prostitution would make it an occupation and a government run job, paying taxes and having laws other than, prostitution is illegal. This differs from decriminalization because it makes it normal, like decriminalizing but the government is now responsable for certain aspects of public health. Decriminalizing it would keep the risk off the government.Farley is opposed to both because either way you look at it, women are still experiencing violence and being treated very poorly. I agree with her position, women in prostitution are treated very poorly. Legalizing or decriminalizing prostitution would just make it more “ok” for pimps and johns to abuse, mistreat and take possesion of women.