Not getting by

I would find it almost impossible to live off of the federal minimum wage. Massachusetts has one of the highest minimum wage an hour and it would still be difficult. Ehrenriech noted that in 1998, one had to earn an hourly wage of $8.89 to afford an one bedroom apartment and the normal survival items. The costs of living in America, have definitely gone up since 1998. When children get added into the equation, it makes it even harder to survive in America with the federal minimum wage. Parents usually find themselves working two or three jobs just to make ends meet. It is very hard to provide for children, especially when you can only make the minimum. Welfare is always an option but providing for two kids takes a lot of money and no matter what help a mother receives, the basic needs are hard to meet. As much as I would like to say that the federal minimum wage should be raised, the reality is that businesses could not afford it. Especially local, small businesses could not survive because they are already having trouble as well.

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