About the Team

The purpose and mission of the Green Team is to serve as a coordinating and advisory body to help Berkshire Community College meet its goals of developing a comprehensive plan to achieve carbon neutrality and to create institutional structures to guide the development and implementation of green practices. The Team coordinates efforts at the College to reduce the college’s carbon footprint, maintain sustainable practices, seek funding to carry out initiatives, and coordinate the college’s efforts with other colleges and institutions.

For more information about the BCC Green Team, contact Laura Saldarini, BCC Green Team Chair, at lsaldarini@berkshirecc.edu.

For the 2016–2017 Academic Year, team membership includes:

  • Laura Saldarini, Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs (Team Chair)
  • Jamie Cahillane, Recycling Services and Waste Reduction Program Manager @ Center for Ecological Technology
  • Kellie Dillon, Student Development Office
  • Mary Zanconato, Student Life
  • Kevin Kennedy, Director of Food Services
  • Diane Kitterman, Facilities Clerk
  • Chris Laney, Interim Dean of Humanities
  • Dave Moran, Director of Facilities
  • Tom Tyning, Environmental Science Faculty
  • Roslyn Broch, Service-Learning Coordinator
  • Charlie Kaminski, Dean of Business, Science, Mathematics & Technology
  • Erin Murphy, Marketing
  • Student members