Recycling & Composting


There are dozens of “bottle and can” recycling bins across campus. You can recycle aluminum, plastic, and glass bottles in these bins (look for the numbers 1-7 on the bottom of the bottle), as well as fairly clean plastic food containers (such as yogurt cups). For more information, see the Allied Waste Bottle and Can Recycling Guidelines.


There are several hundred paper recycling bins around campus. To see which paper products you can and cannot recycle at BCC, go to the CET guidelines here:  BCC Paper Recycling Guidelines


Please flatten corrugated cardboard and place in designated areas in hallways. (Note, this is not the same as “flatboard” — like a cereal box. Flatboard can be recycled with office paper.)

Here are the various types of bins you will find on campus: BCC Recycling Bins


Organic waste (food scraps, napkins, paper plates, and more), is picked up twice a week by Empire Zero, to be composted.  Look for the gray “Food Waste” toters in the cafeteria and in the Field Administration building – with more to come in future.  Go to this link to see what you can put in the organic waste toters: Organic Waste Guidelines

All of this effort keeps us in practice for Recyclemania, a national competition in which college campuses compete to see who can out-recycle others. In 2015 BCC was 8th out of several hundred colleges and universities, with a 70% recycling rate!