GCC to host Fall 2013 LAANE Conference

LAANE’s 30th Annual Fall Conference

will be held at Greenfield Community College
October 18, 2013
“Partnerships and Pairings
for Student Success and Retention”

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Joe Cuseo

Professor Emeritus, Psychology; Director, First Year Seminar

Marymount College (CA)

Many fine proposals have been received for the upcoming Conference, but we want to provide our members with the widest variety of informative presentations as possible.  If you  intended to submit a proposal to us, or if you took some vacation time and thought the deadline had passed, this message is for you!
The new deadline for proposals is July 31, 2013. 
Submit on-line at:  www.laanechapter.org/events/conference-2013
Want to register now for the conference? You can register online at:  www.laanechapter.org/events/conference-2013 

Hotel information will be posted soon to our website!  

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