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Internship search assistance available

We are receiving summer internship and job announcements in the Career Services office. But there are many, many more internships and summer jobs out there.

Make an appointment with the career counselor for assistance with your summer job/internship search. Deadlines for the competitive internships do tend to be quite early (Jan-March). Apply soon.

Call 236-1605, or stop by in Student Development, to make an appointment.

Internships will be posted in the Career Center

Dear BCC Student:

This is a reminder that we post internships in our Career Cafe.  We do not post them on the blog.

We do it this way for a couple of reasons:  We want you to have a first look at the internships that we work hard to find and this blog is public; we want to help you to prepare your resume and practice for your interviews.

So, if you will be looking for an internship in 2014/2015, call 236-1605 to set up an appointment with the career counselor.

Best of luck with the new academic year!  And be sure to come and visit us in Susan B. Anthony.

Judith Monachina

Coordinator, Career Services

Internships/Summer Jobs posted in the career center

August 28, 2014

Please call or stop by Career Services to make an appointment to see a career counselor who can help you with your internship search.  If you are interested in a summer 2015 internship, be sure to make this appointment in the fall semester.  There are competitive internships with early deadlines.  Call 236-1605 to make an appointment.


January 10, 2014

A handful of summer jobs and internships in engineering and sciences, education, the arts, and various fields, are posted in the Internship and Summer Jobs book.  We will help you find those postings and locate other resources that may be helpful in your search.   Feel free to make an appointment to discuss your summer job/internship search:  413-236-1605.