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Welcome to BCC Career Services


The Career Development Center offers support and assistance to BCC students and alumni/ae.

Whether you are just beginning to consider career options, or you have several ideas and would like some help sorting them out, our office will help you.

Jade Roy stands next to her work, mixed media on paper, created for the Career Cafe.

BCC student Jade Roy stands next to her work, mixed media on paper, created for the Career Cafe.

Meeting with a Career Counselor

You and the career counselor will develop strategies for exploring your interests and investigating various career fields.

The process
The career development process is a combination of self-exploration ­– clarifying your interests and values – and investigation in the community, via the internet and other resources, and one-on-one meetings with those working in the field.   At times, informational interviews with people in selected career fields may be the best way to learn about particular workplaces and jobs.

Career Exploration

  • Counseling
  • Self-assessment Exercises
  • Research
  • Decision Making
  • Informational Interviews
  • Experiential Education, via Internships and part-time/summer Jobs

DSC_1127 copy
(Dorthe Hviid, Director of Horticulture at Berkshire Botanical Garden, shows BCC student Adrianna Fox the math of garden design.)

Job Search

  • Assistance with Resume
  • Interview Practice
  • Referral to other Resources
  • Negotiation Skills

We are located in SBA, Student Development (just past the bookstore). Call to make an appointment with a career counselor:  413-236-1605.

And you can subscribe to this blog so that new job openings and posts are sent directly.


The Career Cafe is also a place to read work related literature, attend timely workshops, use a computer for job search research and resume prep —and enjoy a cup of coffee.  Visit soon!


Stories and Career Planning

Passion for work
In his new book, Mark Vanhoenacker talks about life as a long haul pilot. This book is a lyrical exploration of the world with a person who seems to be awake to and aware of the subtlest of forces in the skies and on the earth. A Pittsfield native working for British Airways in London, Vanhoenacker shows us the beauty of the planet that we inhabit and the joy that comes with loving one’s work.
Our BCC Library has this book on order and will be the first in our CWMars system to have it. (That means it may go out on loan quickly.)


Great Lives

Whom do you admire? Whom did you admire when you were about six years old? What quality about that person did you admire? These are clues to your own life dreams, according to Career Counseling* author Mark L. Savickas. He recommends that career counselors try to understand their clients’ early stories. In his own work, he helps clients to assemble their career stories, and a part of a person’s career story, as his or her favorite environments, the places that he or she enjoys being. These things are clues to what we want in our lives. In other words, we should notice what we have noticed before, in personal qualities and in special places. So, whom do you admire? Do you remember whom you admired when you were about six years old?
Savickas recommends listening this BBC radio show. Listen to guests talk about the people they admire, the first glimpses they had of their muses, their role models, important insights in their lives.


These recordings are stories of people in all walks of life. They are often talking about important moments in their lives.
And we will have an opportunity to listen to the founder of this nationwide project, David Isay, on Wed. Aug. 5, 7 p.m. at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center in Gt. Barrington.


For BCC students, this is a special BCC FORUM event. Free admission for BCC students who pre-register by noon on Thursday, July 30th. Call 413-236-5201 to sign up.


Dave Isay is the recipient of numerous honors, including six Peabody Awards and the 2015 $1 million TED prize.

Join us Aug. 5, as he describes the evolution of this national storytelling initiative.

Then, two days later, BCC will host three days of StoryCorps Community Recordings at its South County Center. If you would like to participate in the project or receive additional information, contact Mahaiwe Performing Arts, at

Mass Moments:
More stories about people 

Another source of stories, published daily by Mass Humanities, is Mass Moments.  Some of these moments are actually mini bios of people who have accomplished spectacular things.  Examples include Ted Shawn, founder of Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, in Becket, Mass.; the celebrated Dr. Seuss, of Springfield; G. Stanley Hall, of Ashfield, the father of American psychology.]



A visit to Crane & Company in Dalton, Mass.

Engineering students visited Crane & Co. in Dalton and there they heard that curiosity is the most important quality for an engineer.

for blog
On a visit and tour of the currency mill, students heard about how security features are engineered into the cotton based paper that becomes the U.S. currency, and listened to engineers talk about their own careers and troubleshooting experiences. Students learned about the company’s Swedish mill that makes other currencies, and heard how two-thirds of U.S. 100 dollar bills are outside the U.S., serving as a stock of stable currency. Crane has supplied the U.S. with its currency paper since 1879.

Here we are in a conference room after the tour. Much of the paper machine had proprietary processes (highly secure), and so we could not see it, but we walked along the dry end of the machine and saw some of the finishing processes. Engineers Gene Barber, seated on the right, and Robert Munch, gave the tour and answered questions before and after; Steve Moulton, Director of Engineering and Maintenance, and Human Resources Director Barb Chaput organized the visit for us.

Gary Bradway, faculty (far left back row) tries to get his students out into various workplaces. Last year, Judith Monachina (far left, seated) and Gary Bradway brought a group to APEX Resource Technologies, in Pittsfield, Mass., and Bradway recently brought a group to Interprint, also in Pittsfield.

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