Career Information – Fastest Growing Fields

According to recent surveys by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Top 20 list for fastest growing career fields are concentrated in the Health/Wellness and IT.  Projected growth through 2018 indicates that Biomedical Engineering will be the highest % growth occupation followed by Network Systems and Data Comm analysts, Home health aides, Personal and home care aides, Financial examiners, Medical scientists, Physician assistants, Skin care specialists, Biochemists/biophysicists and Athletic Trainers.

Physical theapist aides/assistants, Dental hygenists, Vet techs, Dental assistants, Computer S/W applications engineers, Medical assistants, Veternarians, Self-enrichment education teachers and Compliance officers round out the next 10.

For most if not all of these career options training beyond a HS diploma or GED will be required, with many requiring education beyond a four-year degree.  Liberal Arts majors should take heart in that graduate school admission officers in schools offering specific graduate degrees in technical areas often seek students with majors in the liberal arts due to their problem solving ability, communication skills and flexibility as long as basic prerequisites are met prior to formal entry into a specific program.