Career Through Blogging

“As former employees at online job board Monster and as former recruiters they know how appealing it looks to employers to be able to have an insight into a person professionally and personally.

With the internet playing a vital role in today’s society, finding a job or furthering a career can rely a lot on social media and getting your name and resume out there and online.

Employers are moving from newspaper hiring ads to internet job boards where they can reach a larger crowd of job seekers.

In order to stand out above competition, Talentevolution encourages everyone to begin a career blog based on their passion, skills, and experience in order to find a job in the field they love.”

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100 Best Blogs for Career-Minded Students

College is a place for students to broaden their intellectual and social horizons. A college education also boosts an individual’s earnings over the course of their life time. With a little bit of planning and training, students can use their time in college to jump start their career prospects. Check out these blogs for career minded students offering tips, advice and information.

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Scholars Who Blog Are….

April 29, 2012 The Chronicle Of Higher Education

The Virtues of Blogging as Scholarly Activity

The Virtues of Blogging as Scholarly Activity 1

Chad Hagen for The Chronicle

By Martin Weller

I have been an active blogger since 2006, and I often say that becoming one was the best decision I have ever made in my academic life.

In terms of intellectual fulfillment, creativity, networking, impact, productivity, and overall benefit to my scholarly life, blogging wins hands down. I have written books, produced online courses, led research efforts, and directed a number of university projects. While these have all been fulfilling, blogging tops the list because of its room for experimentation and potential to connect to timely intelligent debate. That keeps blogging at the top of the heap.

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