Gender Stratification

Lately the talk of how women don’t have the same rights as men do. Men have the better physical or social power then women do but it’s because the men don’t give the women a chance to use those power’s. Men don’t believe we are like them, that we are weak and can’t do the same things as men can. You see more men in office or as lawyers; the woman are secretaries or are waitresses.  But people say you don’t see women as more violent with men, but in reality we do have just as much viloence then men. You see more women beating the crap out of cheating men or in past couple years women as child moulester in schools. Women do have some power but men have a lot more.

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  1. Women don’t have the same rights or equality to men. U.S. women still earn only 77 cents on the male dollar. Obama signed into law as President targeted the U.S. pay gap, and the Senate is considering a bill that is meant to address discrimination.

  2. In response to the end of your blog…
    While it is true that we do see more acts of violence and sexual abuse coming from women, I do not think that it is necesarilly because the acts are increasing. I think that this is due to the changes in our societies views. I think that at one time, it was unacceptable for men to be seen as victims. While men may have been assaulted by their spouces, they would have never admitted it. Also, at one time (atleast with older children) it was at one time looked at as horrible to be sexually abused by a male, but somehow almost congradulated if a young man was intimate with an older woman. Now our society sees this type of abuse as wrong in both instances.

  3. I agree with Jennifer. Our times are changing and with that in mind, it is the reason why we are seeing more of the cases that men are a victim in an assalt. Men were seen as a strong, supportive, figure so when they are victimized in a assalt it supposedly shows them as weak. Men would not admitt to this so you didn’t see many cases filed. Some women took advantage of that situation to attack men and not get in trouble for it.
    I’m attaching a site I found about men as victums. One statistic I thought was very interesting was when a man calls the police agaist a female significant other, they are 3 times more likely to be arrested.

    1. It still remains true that men are on great average physically stronger than women, and I assume that couples tend to select each other in such a way that the man is not only bigger but also stronger than the woman. I remember having seen statistics about the height difference between couples: it is still rare that the woman is taller than the man (even though this tendency is somewhat changing), because tall women tend to select partners who are even taller. I am pretty sure the couples where the woman is physically stronger than the man remain statistically rare — not only because of the physical differences that exist between us to begin with, but also because of this tendency in selecting partners.

  4. I think men are more open to admitting when they are a victim in today’s world. I don’t think it is something to be ashamed of now, when in the past men were probably too embarrassed to report it/do something about it. While I agree that women have less rights than men I think that we have come a long way from how things were in the past. I think there still is a stigma against women in certain situations. For example women still make less than men in the same position.

  5. Another thing about abusive relationships is that the partner who is abusive is unlikely to have clear vision, and believes most of the time to be the victim rather than the aggressor.

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