Class stratification

Class stratification is the scale of social classes, upper, middle, and lower classes. Everyone of us is born into a certain class but people are able to move within their class or even between classes, which is called social mobility. As class stratification persists, it widens the gap between the rich and the poor. One example of this takes place back in the 1890’s. When there was a new wave of industrialization within the U.S. there were three main men who “ran the show”, so to speak. Andrew Carnegie, JP Morgan, and John Rockerfeller were men you were born into wealth and made their wealth for their families grow by the time they died. When you combined the three’s wealth it came to more then what the entire country had at the time. Once JP Morgan loaned the country money to get them out of financial trouble. The three were fierce competitors.

They always tried to¬† “take out”, heave the others go bankrupt or sell, the others. At one point the three joined forces to promote a rebublican, McKinley, who ended up being the president of the United States, Now they had supreme power. This shows that the rich just got richer. These three men made the top 1% of the entire nations wealth. They were to the point that they wanted more money so they had their workers work long hours for little pay. To top it off the conditions they worked in were horrible but the workers needed to feed their families so they had no choice but to take what they got. According to some statistics 1 in every 11 workers died each year due to the conditions.

This is proof, in one way, that the rich just kept getting richer while the poor seemed to barely get by. If the only person in the family was the one who got killed in the factory then the familiy would experience social mobility but it only would go one way it would be for the worse. They would fall from the working class to a lower class and end up in complete poverty.

The websites are information to tell behind these men to show how you need money to make money and to prove that some didn’t treat their workers very kindly.



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  1. One reason I think rich people keep getting richer is because these huge businesses don’t pay the middle class people/lower class people a lot of money to work there. The owners of these companies make millions while the lower class people who work there make just enough to be content. It takes money to make money. People go have money can invest and turn it into more.

  2. The modern day version of your examples would be the Koch brothers with Mitt Romney. Only difference is that Mitt Romney lost. Yes, Barack Obama gets money from wealthy donors as well, but he also got a lot of money from small (under $100) donations from the middle and lower class.

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