Religious Colleges (extra credit)

The students who attend religious colleges do so to avoid problems at secular colleges. Problems like drinking, drugs, and sexual relationships. The students of religious school are well disciplined. Most of them spend free time studying. Also, they do so because they want to have a religious life, and if not, they would not be attending such school.

The discipline at religious schools are very different from secular schools. Religious schools are very strict about dating, drug and alcohol, and if the students go against the policies, the student go through counseling which the priest or bishop does it, and decide the appropriate punishment. They also involve the parents in the process. Now on secular schools, the students basically do “whatever they want.” They have more freedom with dating, drugs, and alcohol. If they get caught, they will have punishment, but it is not even close like the religious school.

The rules on dating at Magdalen, Bob Jones University, and Patrick Henry College is that they all have strict policies about it. Dating it is not allowed in any of those schools. But Bob Jones University does not allow any physical contact and a chaperon has to present on any date. Patrick Henry requires a parental permission before pursuing a relationship. I think this policies helps any teenager to get pregnant, and more importantly to get STD’s.

These rules achieve that these students will not have any distraction about relationships, they will focus more on school. They will have a better understanding the meaning of marriage. Also they will have a better life style after they graduate from college.

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