Religious College

Religious Colleges

Religious students who attend religious colleges are more likely to avoid trouble and are more focused then students who attend a regular college. Religious student want to remain the person they are in high school and stay true to their beliefs. They want to continue to making good decisions while attending college. By attending a religious college student’s choice not to get caught up in partying, having sex, or skipping class, which they are more likely to do if attending a regular college.

At religious college students get guidance in which administrators are mentors to students and discipline in a religious way. The administrators help students work through problems. If a student breaks a college rule they are encouraged to speak about what rule was broken and help work through why the student broke the rule. In a regular college if a student breaks a rule, they are disciplined by being suspended or thrown out of college. In a regular college you do not have all the support then you would have a religious college.

While attending a religious college there are many different dating rules. At Magdalen dating is not allowed. Student who attend Magdalen tend to get married shortly after graduation. The reason for that is during college at Magdalen you can really get to know people without the stress of dating. With the no dating rule students can focus more on their studies. A lot of the students at the college really liked the no dating rule. Students felt that no dating gave more time to really form long lasting friendships. At Patrick Henry University students cannot go on a date unless their parents gave consent to the date. At Bob Jones University there is a no physical contact between males or females. Having all the strict dating rules doesn’t mean some of the students won’t find ways around the rule.

Depending on how someone wants to live their life will help make the decision on their future. It will also help them decide on what college they will chose to attend.

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