Domestic Violence

According to Elaine Leeder in the article “domestic Violence A cross Cultural View” it is acceptable and the norm in a India household. This is so because the man in the household is dominant and the woman are submissive. So it is acceptable that the man beats the woman if she does not live up to the expectations to the man of the household. In rural India abuse is tolerated for dowry problems, a wife’s infidelity, her neglect of household duties, or her disobedience to her husbands commands and wants.

Industrialization and modernization have led to increased child abuse in India because the children have a greater responsibility to make sure they do the workload that an american adult would do. If they fail or don’t do it to their fathers expectations they are beaten and abused. In this culture it is normal so I don’t think of it as abuse but rather discipline. Because their expectations are higher than they would be here in the us the discipline for failing is going to be higher.

The difference between invisible and visible violence in Vietnam is invisible violence is when the man does not harm the woman physically but yet emotionally. He can do this by intimidation and fear. Visible violence is physical when the man beats the woman. In Vietnam the woman are expected to work all day then come home and work in the home and take of the man and if they don’t  they are abused either physically or emotionally.

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