Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a global problem which occurs in both industrialized and developing countries.Domestic violence is a very serious social problem if not dealt with can go a long way to affect individuals and society a whole.Wife battering is prevalent and normal in India to the extent that is considered normal and not taken serious.According to a survey taken,20% of people who experience domestic violence considered it normal because they were used to it.Many factors causes the prevalence of wife battering in India.These factors include: drunken husbands who come home and beat their wives due to their frustrations in life,dowry,neglect of household duties and so on.

Child abuse has occurred since time immemorial .Industrialization and modernization has led to the increase of child abuse.In India middle class families experience a lot of stress due to modernization and industrialization because of this children are abused in order for parents to fit in society or to earn a living.Also corporal punishment which is a form of child abuse is used very much in India to raise children.They believe that the right way to punish a child for his/her mistake is through corporal punishment.Lastly,because society considers male children for industrial purposes,female children who are born to Indian parents are mostly neglected which is also a form of abuse.

Visible violence can also be called physical violence.This is a type of violence in which husbands beat their wives due to one reason or the other.The women who are being abused feel that the situation is predestined in accordance with Confucian ideology.One report indicates that 87.5%  of divorces in 1992 was as a result of violence.Invisible violence on the other hand is characterized by fear and intimidation.An example is women coming home from work and doing house chores for six hours.

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