Domestic Violence: a Cross-Cultural View

Wife battering is very common in Indian. Wife often get beaten if she does not behave herself, if she has been sterilized, wife’s infidelity, neglect of household duties, dowry problems, her disobedience to the husband, and also it appears that if women has a male children they are less likely to be beaten. Abuse is tolerated if the husband is drunk, but otherwise it is a good husband. In India there a tremendous discrimination against girl children. Boys are needed as economic assets, for the money they send home if they move away, and they stay with their families after marriage and maintain the parents in old age. Now girls move away when they marry and are unable to help the parents with money, or when they are in old age.

Industrialization and modernization in India middle-class has caused them lots of stress and that has rise on child abused among the families.  Children who do not follow the house rules, is more likely to be abused. Female infanticide (killing a child who is under one year old) and child neglect are also child abuse major issues in Indian.

In rural Indian, women believe that alcohol provokes the abuse. I personally think that it is true, because when someone is very drunk, they do not know what they are doing, they just do no matter what it is. It is like that the alcohol give them courage to do whatever.

Vietnam has two types of violence: “Invisible violence” and “Visible violence”. “Invisible violence” is not a physical abuse, but still leave them in fear. Like a Vietnamese women comes home after work and still spend five to six hours a night doing housework ate home. Now a “visible violence” it is a physical abuse and can lead to death. The visible violence has caused a large number of divorces in families.

It is very sad to see that these abuse occurs in every part of the world. That has to be a way to stop these things. Women have to start reporting to the police if you or your children are being abused. Because if they don’t do anything they will continue to do it and will think that it is ok to do it. And we have to show them that it is not. By doing that it will somehow change this.

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