Invisible Privilege

Invisible Privilege

Privilege is often invisible by you don’t know how privilege somebody is by talking to them. Being privileged and having the necessity to live be two different things. Somebody who is privileged drives a BMW, where a less privileged person would drive an Elantra. Privileged or less privileged comes from where and how you are raised, if you were raised in higher class or a lower class.


Blacks, Hispanic, and lower class are more likely to be aware of privilege. Unlike the higher class, lower class knows what it is like to struggle for things that they need.


Andrea felt uncomfortable in Jewel’s Newark house because she was not use to the way Jewel’s family lived. Andrea grew up in a different way that Jewel did. She had things that other families like Jewel’s family didn’t have. Andrea was more uncomfortable because she didn’t understand that not everyone is as privileged as she is.


I think that people can overcome social differences if they choose to. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t care how much someone has then, I think you can overcome social differences. On the other hand if you do care what somebody drives, what class they are or how much money they have then I think you will never be able to overcome any social differences.

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