Women and the Birth of Sociology

“Written out” does not mean that you haven’t being seen. It means that you were seen once but now your name has been erased. That happened with fifteen women, whose names were once recognized and well-known by the public and now forgotten. I believe that the reason for all this is because “men” ruled the world back then. Women were only to do laundry, take care of the house, children and being there whenever their husband needed it. Men to work and bring the money into the house to raise the family.

All of these women had the same idea and knew each others work. But each had their own style. All these women were well known and were friends with many of their contemporaries. They all knew that they were part of a larger movement to create a science of society. The women vary in terms of the particular inequality focused on: gender, class, race, and more. Although on that moment those women were just writing, and showing their potential, work and love for sociology.

It is important that we recognize women sociology because they worked hard to be forgotten out of nowhere. Of course that we will  never be compare as men because they are stronger than us, but we are just trying to work as hard as them, to get our independency. Now those women have to be remembered, because they made great changes in the early days, and because of that it is important for us to recognize their job.

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