Women and the Birth of Sociology

Women And The Birth OF Sociology

            After reading the excerpt from, “Women and the Birth of Sociology” by Patricia Madoo Lengermann and Jill Niebrugge-Brantley, we know that the fifteen women were all well known public figures in their lifetime. They contributed to the creation of social theory and were recognized by their male counterparts as significant social analyst. The article says that these women were erased from sociology that means that they were once recognized and then forgot about. All the women in the history of sociology have in common that they all knew each other and knew each others work. It seems that all these women were published authors. They all were involved with the hull house in Chicago. At the time the women were writing sociology as much as the men they were just forgot about. It is important to recognize the contribution of women in sociology because without them we would never have seen the importance of social inequality.

By Jason

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