Nickel and Dimed

Minimum wage is something that is becoming more and more prevalent with the society that we are living with. With jobs scarce and highly desired people will take a job for minimum wage even though their skill sets are greater than the wage. Living a life on your own with this type of pay would involve eating food low in nutrition and having to often go with out. Cable may be sacrificed for rent or gas money. Making ends meet becomes almost impossible. Humans can survive because millions are doing it already. Sometimes minimum wage is forced to support an entire family, the family adjusts and understands the circumstance the majority of the time and all work together to make their live’s go forward. It is a bad situation raising children with a low income but regardless it is still a situation. I don’t believe that minimum wage should be raised because when minimum wage is raised so is everything else in the economy and they would be in the same situation but it would just hurt the economy even more.


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