Religion and College

Religious students who attend these religious schools tend to stay out of trouble and make better decisions than a student who attend a regular university. Having religious views gives you good morals to follow. It allows you to make good decisions and be a well rounded person. When going to a religious college, they encourage you to be the best person you can be. They try to steer you in the right direction without making bad decisions to get there. These students also don’t want to break the rules; they want to set a good example when attending these colleges. This really does help keep students from keeping far away from trouble.

In secular schools students are more likely to make bad decisions such as getting into drugs, alcohol, and sexual behaviors. People who go to a religious school don’t really have a choice, there are set rules when coming to discipline. Students who choose to go to these schools also tend to stay away from trouble. They chose the religious school to not be surrounded by bad decisions. The rules of a religious college have a tendency to be stricter than the rules of a secular college. At religious schools the teachers act as a mentor and are tough on the students. If the students do something wrong such as drugs or sexual behaviors they have a greater chance of being worried and getting in trouble compared to a student who went to a secular school. Overall students at religious schools have more help and counseling which is why they tend to behave better than the secular school students.

When going to religious colleges there are many dating rules. At Magdalen they are very strict when it comes to making and regulating rules. They have to walk around the campus carrying an extra pair of clean shoes for when they go inside. They are made to do this because it keeps the floors on the inside of these colleges clean. The students are the ones who do all the cleaning so they make sure they keep the floors clean to avoid messier cleanups. The students at this college also are seated in different spots every day; they do this to decrease the formation of cliques. There are strict rules within the dorm rooms. They must keep their rooms clean with nothing on the desks and dressers and paintings and art are forbidden on the walls. They also have a no dating rule and need to have all lights off by 10:30 on the dot. The no dating rule seems odd to me. Some students believe in the no dating rule, and one female said she has formed strong bonds with males that she never thought she was capable of because of this rule being enforced. Others say they have a better chance of having a well rounded marriage due to this rule. At Bob Jones University males and females are forbidden to have any kind of physical contact or attraction for that matter. If students date, they are required to have a chaperone. The school can do their best to help avoid students from having sexual relations, but it may not always work out the way they had planned. Lastly at Patrick Henry College they also have strict rules when it comes to dating. They make the students get their parents’ permission before dating.

Overall some of these rules are achieved by what the colleges are aiming for. It’s all in the way they enforce the rules along with the discipline. Some of the colleges greatly succeeded with their strict rules. Others were still up in the air because they weren’t as hard on the students as others. Some colleges said “where there’s a will, there’s a way”; as if they can’t do anything about the student’s behavior and that it’s all up to the students. I feel that it all depends on how they enforce their rules, and they will get the results according to how they enforce them.

2 thoughts on “Religion and College

  1. Religious colleges tend to have higher grade point averages than secular colleges. They keep their students in line because of their harsher punishments. I agree with their strict rules because if you attend these colleges you know what your in for. People who choose these colleges know the requirements and the consequences of their actions. The teachers are very involved with the students education which helps them to obtain better grades. They are taught to learn all around skills which you need to survive when you live on your own. The students learn to respect each other when it comes to relationships. They learn that you don’t need to jump in bed to have a committed relationship. More young people need to learn this important value. I imagine it’s hard for them to keep these kids away from each other but like the student who played basketball and got kicked off his team, that’s what happens when you break the rules. People need to learn responsibility and these colleges teach that. Your college years are extremely important and you can choose to party or take it seriously. If you choose a religious college than take it seriously.

  2. It seems that the vast majority of students attending religous colleges have committed to a certain behavior or set of morals before they attend. They have most likely been raised in a home where there are similar expectations.. I believe there is value to the theory of self discipline. It requires a person to do alot of soul searching and to figure out if the high standards are something they would prefer to live their life by. This carries over to the relationship aspect of college life as well. Again there are set rules which remove the stress of “relationships” and allows students to focus and achieve their goals with less distraction. It may be a good choice for some, but a student must be well informed of what is expected and decide if it is the best choice for them .

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