Religous Schools

Religious schools often enjoy a relatively low incident rates, and there are many reasons for this. The major reason for this seems to be the support structure. An infraction will result in discipline, but the difference is that there is a peer pressure to do right as well. Another reason for this can be attributed to the religious cultures that attend such schools. Many of who are law abiding, upstanding citizens who hold conservative reservations about experimentation. The discipline process is also a huge improvement over secular campuses, because religious schools try to teach why something was wrong and have a priest or bishop doing the counseling. They also involve parents in the disciplinary process; giving even more pressure to conform to the rules. I do not know anyone who would willingly upset a holy man. Schools like Magdalen, Bob Jones University, and Patrick Henry College have taken a hard line approach to dating on their campuses. Magdalen outlaws dating, while Bob Jones and Patrick Henry Colleges require parental permission. These rules establish a control to help prevent sin, but more importantly teen pregnancy, campus STD’s, and they help to develop a person’s character. It is much easier to develop these personal attributes when you are not too busy working on a relationship. As a former catholic school student I feel that Religious school’s best ability is promoting conformity. This give a better environment for learning by removing many of the distractions young adults face and also reduce the forming of bad adult habits.

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