Women and the Birth of Sociology

Having read Patricia Madoo Lengermann, and Jill Niebrugge-Brantley’s “Women and the Birth Of Sociology,” I really don’t understand why women were written out of the history of sociology. I suppose such a thing could have happened at the time when women wanted to move out of the home and get jobs in order to discourage such ventures, trying to show that women haven’t done much, or hide the fact that they have. The women talked about in the essay wrote about important things, mostly based in feminist ideals. The things most of the women had in common were, again, writing during the various feminist movements throughout the world and mostly writing about female-centric topics like motherhood and and how most professions at the time were occupied by men. It is important today to talk about the woman founders in Sociology because they made huge contributions. Harriet Martineau alone not only translated Comte, but also wrote plenty of her own findings. Women made a big impact in the early days of sociology not only in the field of feminism, but everywhere else.


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