Discussion Question: Population Growth

Blog discussion 8 Population Growth
This blog discussion is based on chapter 68 of the book Seeing Ourselves, the article “Let’s Reduce Global Population!” by J. Kenneth Smail.
Answer and discuss the following questions:
What reasons does Smail give to support his belief that even a fully effective program of zero population growth would not be enough to reduce the world’s population? Smail states that the Earth’s long-term carrying capacity is finite. Why does he see this as a problem? What does he see as a solution to the problem? What does Smail mean by his statement “. . .come to regard ourselves more as the Earth’s long-term stewards than its absolute masters.”?

The students who are assigned to answer these questions are asked to do an original posts and comment on the posts of another student. Other students may comment on these posts. The instructions for these discussions are found on the class Moodle site

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