Blog discussion 4 Prostitution

This blog discussion is based on chapter 31 of the book Seeing Ourselves, the article PROSTITUTION: A WORLDWIDE BUSINESS OF SEXUAL EXPLOITATION by MELISSA FARLEY.
Answer and discuss the following questions:

Many people believe that prostitution is a free choice. Farley argues that this belief is false. Why? What is your view of this issue? How does prostitution reflect the intersection of race, sex and class oppression? In terms of the legal and status of prostitution, how do decriminalization and legalization differ? Why is Farley opposed to both? Do you agree or disagree with her position?

The students who are assigned to answer these questions are asked to do an original posts and comment on the posts of another student. Other students may comment on these posts. The instructions for these discussions are found on the class Moodle site.


  1. Prostitution is a free choice. I truely believe that every person has the freedom to make a bad choice. Some people are addicted to sex and use prostitution to fill their sexual need.

  2. Prostitution can be a choice for many people of lower classes and minority backgrounds to support their drug habits or even their families. But some individuals may have been forced into this profession by another person either a pimp or maybe soemone who kidnapped a person as a child and has forced them into the streets to work. It is a big debate whether or not it is a choice and if it should be considered a crinminal act. Some people feel forced, rather than are physically forced, into situations by their circustances. I agree with Farelys position on this matter. I am open minded enough to see that either way people become acustomed to their circumstances they need help to get out of the life they are living.

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