About Moodle

From Moodlerooms, our Moodle host*:

“Moodle is an online course management system that is delivered as a software package. Designed using pedagogical principles, Moodle provides a flexible environment for learning communities and is designed to support a social constructionist framework of education. With it’s robust set of teaching and learning tools, Moodle has become the most widely-used open source LMS in the world. As such, Moodle has a diverse and thriving user community of developers, teachers and students driving the rapid innovation of open-source LMS.

Moodle, as a package is freely available for anyone to download; however, Moodle users must host, support and maintain the software themselves. That’s where Moodlerooms comes in.

Moodlerooms is a Moodle partner that provides enterprise-services wrapped around Moodle to deliver the most reliable and sustainable learning management options possible. As a Moodle Partner, we contribute development, testing, community support and 10% of our revenue back to support the continued evolution of the open-source Moodle project. In return, Moodlerooms benefits from priority access to upgrades and patches to ensure our clients are always on the most stable and secure code base.”

Source: http://www.moodlerooms.com/resources/moodle-resources/

* A “host” is a company that provides servers, upgrades, and maintenance on software the college has purchased.