FRED Schedule for Fall 2011 has been posted to the blog…

¡ Bienvenido a la página del Laboratorio de lenguas de BCC: “FRED” !

Spanish students at BCC must spend one hour a week in FRED working on collaborative projects, recording audio or video voicethread projects, making PowerPoint learning games or flashcards, or doing online homework.

We encourage you to come work or hang out in FRED in between classes. You will find you learn so much more if you set out small learning tasks for yourself that you can accomplish in small blocks of time.

Make certain to sign in when you arrive so that you earn credit for your time in the lab.

Find this information online, under the “FRED ~ Laboratorio de lenguas” tab or at this link:

Click on the image, below, for FRED hour with FRED Facilitator’s schedules.


Download the FRED Scheule by clicking here: >>>FRED Schedule ~ Fall 2011

Study Groups meet at the times, below.

I you have not yet joined a study group, do so THIS WEEK! Don’t put this off! You’ll notice how much progress you make when you study with classmates (and BUDs!) …

Mondays: 8am

Wednesdays: 10am

Tuesdays: noon

Thursdays: noon

Thursdays: 3:20p

Leave a message, below, telling us which activities and resources you would like to see in FRED!

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