Sp 102 ~ Voicethread para el capítulo 6 ~ Spring 2011

Nexos Voicethreads: Each of you will produce four Voicethreads over the course of the semester. We will cover five chapters in Nexos, this semester. You will choose four out of five chapters on which to develop Voicethread scripts to record and post on our blog. The topics, vocabulary and grammar you must use in each of the Nexos Voicethreads will be posted to the blog in advance of the due date for each Voicethread.

Here is the first Voicethread of the semester. Use chapter 6 of your textbook to review the vocabulary and grammar you need to complete your Voicethread.

Write a script that responds to the requirements of the topic. Hand it in to Profe. She will correct your script so that you can learn it. Once you are confident that you are ready to record your Voicethread, go for it!

If you choose to do one of your four Voicethreads on this chapter six Voicethread topic, please hand in your script no later than Friday, February 25th. The deadline for recording this Voicethread will be the following Wednesday, March 3rd.

See your Voicethread assignment for chapter 7, below…

Note that you should email Profe the script of your Voicethread no later than Monday, March 21. She will return your work by Wednesday, March 23rd. Then, you will have a week to learn your script and to record your Voicethread. You should have your Voicethread posted no later than Monday, March 28th. If you wish to use the webcams in FRED, let Profe know so she can help set one up for you. If you have a webcam and/or microphone on your own computer, feel free to record your Voicethread from home!

¡Diviértete! 🙂

Here is the link to the Voicethread page. If the Voicethread slides are too small for you to work with here, click on this link for access to these same slides in a larger format: Find Voicethread Project #7 by clicking on this link!

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