Intersession Spanish Conversation Courses!

¡Hablemos! ~ Let's Talk!

¡Hablemos! ~ Let's Talk!

You may already have heard that there will be an opportunity for students planning to move up to the next level of Spanish — current SPA 101 and SPA 201 students — to enroll in a one-credit distance learning course in Spanish during the January intersession.

At this moment, it is not clear whether the course will run as a regular course you can sign up for with an Add/Drop form through the Registrar’s Office or as an Independent Study course, for this January’s session.  More information is forthcoming on that in the next two weeks.

For now, I am making available to you the draft syllabus for the course.  If you are interested, download it to give you an idea of what will be involved.

In any case, if you ARE interested, do let me know by responding to this post, by emailing me, or by telephoning the office: 413.236.4615.

You may download the draft syllabus by clicking here… >>> Draft Syllabus for Spanish Intersession Conversation Courses

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