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Our New Active Learning Classrooms

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We will have two active learning classrooms at the end of the renovations – a smaller one in Hawthorne (24 seats) and a larger one in Melville (36 seats). While there are many different variations, in general, an active learning classroom is designed for group work with the faculty member stationed at the center of the room.

This is a classroom at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire that is not unlike what is planned for BCC. Each table is associated with a computer and a screen. Students can work on material jointly on the computer and share it with the entire classroom on their screens. The professor can also share material with all of the screens.


The teacher’s podium will be more central in our version, which will allow for easier interaction with each group and quicker consultation throughout the class. The student tables are mobile and can be reconfigured away from the computers or in larger groups according to the need of the class. These classrooms are ideal if you are doing a lot of group work in your classes. Feel free to stop by (I’m in M234) or email if you are interested in using an active learning classroom or just want to know more about they operate.

I will be posting more about active learning techniques and their value throughout the semester. These posts will range from quick techniques appropriate for any style class to best practices for moving to a full active learning class. You can subscribe to the blog by using the subscribe by email option in the right hand menu bar.

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  1. Matthew Muller

    This is very helpful Stacy. I look forward to learning more about this exciting new teaching method.




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