BCC Sites are Growing!

On September 30th, BCC will mark the end of its five-year Title III grant, which has focused on Developmental Education and student success and retention strategies. As part of the grant, BCC started this WordPress platform (hosted by Edublogs) and sponsored a number of faculty and staff sites. What a great response! We have 20+ sites here now, with a wealth of valuable information for the entire BCC community, and in some cases, far beyond. We will continue to develop this platform, with a focus on class blogs and department websites. Thank you for you help! We [heart] WordPress!

Video/Photo release form

Dear F/S Webmeisters:

I have created a google form that you can use to capture releases when you are using an image for your site. This is especially important if you are capturing BCC students in photos or videos. Please email them this link and have them fill out the form; the record of their agreement will be filed in Google. Thanks! Dori

Here’s the link: