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Fear and Anxiety from Stress

Fear is a natural response to what we perceive as dangerous, including encountering a snake while out in the woods. In prehistoric times, we were being hunted by saber-toothed tigers as well as other predators. Even though the saber-toothed tigers … Continue reading

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Throughout life you will face a number of challenges and hardships that will put huge stress on your life. Such as breakups, someone you know passing, losing a job, health problems and other things. The ability to bounce back despite … Continue reading

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Positive Psychology and One Way We Can Apply It

  Psychology has gotten a bad rap. It seemed that it was always trying to “fix” something that was wrong-treating mental illnesses. While this is certainly a worthwhile, and necessary, endeavor, its main focus was on healing the negative side … Continue reading

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Kyle Furey Blog 1 Stress and Health  3/26/2018   Boredom. Boredom is something that everyone has dealt with at sometime in their life. Some people learn how to cope with their boredom very well, others not. It does not matter … Continue reading

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The Relaxation Response and Nature

  Dr. Hebert Benson who is a professor, author, cardiologist and founder of Harvard’s Mind and Body Medical Institute founded the phrase “relaxation response.” The relaxation response is how your body reacts and releases certain chemicals that slow the bodies … Continue reading

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Nicolas LaPointe: Stressful College Life

Stress and anxiety over the difficulty of several college courses are experienced daily by college students. College may be different to new students who have not yet adapted to their new learning environment. These new students may be living miles away from … Continue reading

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Increasing the Relaxation Response with Simple Breathing Techniques

 The relaxation response is essentially the opposite of the stress response. It is the body’s way of reversing some of the physiological changes that occur when we are dealing with stress. Dr. Herbert Benson, a cardiologist at Harvard Medical School … Continue reading

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Are you spending too much time feeling stressed? The General Adaptation Syndrome of stress response.

We all have stress in our lives. Sometimes they are big stressors, like a death in the family, natural disaster, or a car accident. Sometimes they are little annoyances, like being stuck in traffic. Sometimes it’s the little things that … Continue reading

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