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The students of AHS 155 Stress and Your Health

  • Margaret: Hi, I study Health Science.  I hope to work in the health field and change lives for the better.  The best stress relief for me is training horses and owning a farm.
  • Kacey Hatch: I am a full-time caregiver and a full-time college student.  My goal at BCC is to graduate with a degree in Health Science to then go on to occupational therapy.  The results of lack of sleep often keep me in a state of stress.  To help de-stress I turn to meditation or go into nature.  I also listen to nature sounds to relax and sleep.
  • Sonia McWhirt: Hi! I am a returning, non-traditional student here at Berkshire Community College. I am currently working on my Physical Fitness Certificate and hope to graduate in June-although I don’t think I’ll be done learning! My overall relationship with stress has improved, especially in the last five years. I have been able to identify a few of my stress triggers and several ways to constructively deal with them. But I am always looking to learn new (and possibly better) ways to deal with stress! A couple of stress triggers I could still use some help with are dealing with large crowds and public speaking.
  • Nicolas LaPoint: My future major is Liberal Arts as the Atmospheric Sciences program has been discontinued.  As for my relationship with stress, I hope to learn more about practicing mindfulness.
  • Judy Gawron: Instructor for this course, life-long learner of stress management, and believer of ‘change just one thing’.  This semester, ‘my thing’ is five minutes of daily meditation.  So, if you hear chimes or soft music from my office, it’s just me practicing a bit of mindfulness. AHS 155 students are working hard on providing stress-related information, we hope you find this helpful.