About Us

Josie Sturgis:  I live in West Stockbridge, surrounded by forest. I have one sister, and a lot of animals and plants to help care for. I enjoy hiking and swimming to de-stress and am studying to get a possible communications degree.

Kestrel Padgett: I have 4 siblings, currently live in Pittsfield, and am majoring in Biology at BCC. I plan to transfer to get a more specific degree in that area. My interests with stress and health is how it affects our bodies and our mental health.

Megan Magner: I’m graduating this semester as a liberal arts major and planning on transferring to MCLA in the fall. My interest in stress management comes from finding stress to be an inevitable part of life and looking for ways to help curb it.

My names Joshua Sampson. I turned 22 years old on February 25th. I’m going to school for personal training and really into health and fitness and how the mind and body works. My favorite things to do outside of school is play basketball and video games. I’ve lived in 35 plus houses in my life in 5 different states. I one day hope to own my own fitness brand and gym.

Hi! My name is Kristen Fontaine, and this is my first year here at BCC. Since I transferred from MCLA, I will be graduating with a liberal arts degree in the spring. Although I’m still unsure about my path after BCC, I wish to further my studies in a holistic health area as I love to understand foods, healing, and wellness. When it gets a little warmer out, I will be working in a greenhouse from spring into fall. With everything that I have learned about stress and health so far, I’m excited to see where my unplanned journey takes me.

My name is Rebecca Carberry and I’m a student at Berkshire Community College, and I study in the physical fitness program. I’m working to become a personal trainer, and my dream job would be to work with children with different sensory related disorders to help them get in touch with their bodies.

I’m a lazy person who’s learned to love exercise- as long as I push myself to do it! You can usually find me in the gym, either working out…or just talking to my friends. I’m excited to learn more about the relationship between exercise and mental health by taking this course.

Cameron Loehr: I currently study physical fitness and will be completed with the certificate program this semester.  I chose the certificate because although I have a great interest in fitness, my interests are vast.  In my limited free time I study numerous subjects including language, music, history, philosophy, and science. I may pursue a degree in International Studies.  I plan to travel the world helping people and the environment in any way possible. I want to ensure the best possible life for my children and show them the way to true success, which in my opinion is spiritual wealth, not monetary wealth.  Stress reduction will always play a pivotal role in my mission, as it is essential for reaching my goal.  It would be impossible for me to change the world for the better if I become overwhelmed and over stressed.  If I cannot reduce stress in others, then I stand no chance at making the change.

Alyssa Forzano: I am currently studying to become a personal trainer here at BCC and graduate with my associate degree in Health Science.  I am currently in my second semester, with one more semester ahead of me to graduate.

My goals aster I graduate from BCC arte to work in my field as a personal trainer either in a gym or independently.  I would also like to continue my current job as a bartender while I continue my education in hopes of pursuing my bachelor degree in exercise science at Springfield College.  My goasl and aspirations are to combine my love for training myself and others with something in the medical field.  As far as continuing my education to further learn about stress and stress management, it is not a top priority of interest for me personally.  I find the material interesting but also fine talking about stress and its affects tends to cause me more stress.

My name is Misty Bentley. I have been attending BCC since 2014. I am currently attending BCC to gain my associates in exercise science.

I needed to take the stress and health course for my degree, but I’m happy that I have to because, It has taught me a great amount on how to live a better lifestyle for myself as well as for the people in my family.

My name is Michelle Levesque. I am getting my associate’s degree in Health Information Management.  I have completed both my certificates in Medical Coding.  My goal after BCC is to work in the medical field.  I like the insurance part a little better.  My interest in stress and health is to learn how to stop and take a breath and appreciate it. I am learning to sit on the couch and close my eyes and appreciate what I have.