Here are some selected resources for sociology students:

    U.S. Census: This is a great place to get good demographic data from multiple government sources. It can be fun to poke around and see what you can find out.

    C. Wright Mills: This page takes you on a trip through the writings of one of the most important theorists of the modern era for introductory students. One of his most famous books is The Sociological Imagination. Many introductory students read the essay called “The Promise” target=”_blank” which argues that sociology allows you to better understand your own life and the way the world works.

    “What is Sociology” This is a British video that explains the basic nature of the subject.

    Karl Marx: This is the Marxists Archive. Karl Marx was not a sociologists, but his insights on the way societies can be organized are central to the discipline. Most of his writings are here. The best place to start is with The Communist Manifesto. This covers how he sees the fundamental organization of society.

    Émile Durkheim: One of the founding fathers of sociology.