Racial Stratification

Racial Stratification is the thought that society is separated based race.  That people of similar color for example; Black, White, Hispanic, Asian are stratified by race.  It has nothing to do with biological similarities.  It has to do with the race that you are born into.  We classify people based on perceived differences.  This is how we determine upper class and minorities.

Minorities are not necessarily a group of people that has the least amount of people. It is however, it is a group of people that lack the most power with in a social stratification. The dominant group holds the most social status, power and prestige.  Groups with smaller numbers and less status are set up for discrimination and prejudice.  This is how racism comes about.  This racial stratification carries over into law, education, economy, healthcare and politics. 

We have seen this example with racial profiling.  There are many examples of it still in today’s society.  Just because you are of a color there may be many preset judgments against you. The links below give a few examples of how racial profiling still exists.







Marriage-Happily Every After?

Marriage-Happily Ever After?

The knowledge of marriage between a man and a wife has been evident since Adam and Eve. (Genesis 2:23)  Marriage has been the foundation of family structure.  Two people; a man and a woman who marry, establish a life together, are faithful to each other, have children together, eventually grandchildren, and live happily ever after until death do them part. 

 Over the past hundred years, society’s views on marriage have changed.  In the 1920’s dating became popular, making people wonder if marriage was going to go way-side.  In the 1950’s post war time, marriage was expected.  Family values were stronger than ever. Along with the ring came one’s right to spousal benefits- “What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours”, health care decisions, power of attorney, marriage acquired assests, and much more. If you chose to remain single during this time you were viewed as if there were something wrong with you.  In the 1970’s women decided that they were going to have equal rights and were self-sufficient. Divorce rates began to sky rocket for the first time. Now in the 2000’s everyone focuses on love. Marriage for the sake of having a family structure is no longer the focal point.  Marriage as a union has changed from being a union between a man and woman to encompass gays and lesbians.  Seven U.S. states (mostly in the N.E. with the exception of D.C., and Iowa) now view gay marriage as a legal marriage.



I have included a couple interesting links on marriage as an institution.